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Haydon Bridge Pharmacy

Stop Smoking Appointments

Call 01434 684354 to book an appointment.

Haydon Bridge Pharmacy provides a free  NHS stop smoking service.

The pharmacy is able to talk you through all the different preparations available and provide to you the most suitable preparation.If you decide to choose a nicotine based product the pharmacist will be able to provide this straight away and whats even better if you don't pay for your prescriptions it is completely free of charge. If you do pay for prescriptions all you need to pay is a prescription charge for each product you choose to use. The smoking advisor will also be able to discuss with you the tablets available to help you stop smoking. Both champix (varenicicline) and zyban (bupropion) are options through this service to help you stop smoking. The smoking adviser will monitor your progress with these but as these are prescription only products will need to ask the GP for a prescription first.

Call into the pharmacy or call 01434 684354 as the first step to help you stop smoking for life.

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